Is Microsoft Word online free?

Microsoft’s Office Online is a totally free, electronic adaptation of Microsoft Office. This online office suite is obviously contending with Google Docs, but on the other hand it’s a likely substitution for the work area adaptation of Office.

We’ll contrast Office Online with both the work area form of Microsoft Office and Google Docs to see where it fits. Would it be a good idea for you to utilize Office Online rather than Office 2013 or Google Docs?

Office Online vs. Desktop Office

In contrast to the entirety of Microsoft’s other Office items, Office Online at is totally free. This is Office Online’s greatest favorable position over work area forms of Microsoft Office. You can utilize it on all the PCs you need without paying for extra boxed duplicates or buying in to Office 365, Microsoft’s membership administration for Office.

Because it’s a web application that runs in your program, Office Online will run on everything, from Linux PCs and Chromebooks to iPads and Android tablets. It doesn’t need any extraordinary module and works in any famous program, including Firefox, Chrome, and Safari — not simply Internet Explorer. The desktop Microsoft Office can be downloaded from .

Office Online recoveries your records to your Microsoft OneDrive (in the past known as SkyDrive) stockpiling on the web. You can utilize the OneDrive combination in Windows 8.1 or the OneDrive work area application on past adaptations of Windows to adjust the records you make to your PC, getting nearby duplicates in Microsoft Office design. Office 2013 recoveries your reports to OneDrive of course, so Office Online functions admirably as a friend web application. Your records may as of now be accessible in OneDrive.

The electronic adaptation of Office additionally offers preferable coordinated effort highlights over the work area based variant of Office does. For instance, when you team up with others in the work area variant of Word 2013, just a single individual can alter a similar section at a time. Word Online offers ongoing altering that permits different individuals to alter a similar passage at a time.

Office Online is more restricted than Microsoft Office. Microsoft gives Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online, and OneNote Online. On the off chance that you rely upon different applications, as Microsoft Access, you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

These online applications are likewise improved and stripped down. While they offer a comparable interface to the work area form of Office, complete with a lace, they have less highlights inherent. This isn’t really something terrible, as the vast majority don’t utilize the entirety of the highlights accessible in the work area Office applications. Need to do a mail union or run macros? You can’t do that in Office Online, however you most likely needn’t bother with those highlights in any case.

Office Online likewise won’t work when you don’t have an Internet association. In the event that you need to alter reports disconnected, you’ll need the work area adaptation of Office.

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